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Idols … of Cyprus
Prehistoric Cyprus was home to a surprisingly rich and varied corpus of three-dimensional figurative imagery, including anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figurines and figurative vessels. Cyprus’ figurine record developed over several millennia into the diverse, island-wide, representative phenomena of the Bronze Age. The function and significance of these figurines were used in ritual activities, for gender discourse, and the expression of identities.

Made from beeswax and soya wax with added essential oils.

Idol from Pomos / ειδώλιο από Πωμό Σταυρόσχημο
Idol / Ειδώλιο
Zoomorphic of a badger / Ζωόμορφο ασβού
Zoomorphic of a dear / Ζωόμορφο ελαφιού

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Human habitation of Cyprus dates back to the Paleolithic era. Located at the intersection of three continents, Cyprus has always been at the crossroads of different and diverse civilizations and from the very beginning, has had a history of mixed ethnicities and influences, empires and kingdoms. All of which heavily influenced the culture and progression of the island.

The Idols of Cyprus are part of the handmade beeswax candle collection by xronikon concept store. A figure-shaped candle collection, inspired by ancient traditional treasures, looking almost like tamata (votive offerings).

Idol from Pomos / ειδώλιο από Πωμό Σταυρόσχημο
Candle inspired by the ancient Idol of Pomos. A prehistoricstone sculpture found near the Cypriot village of Pomos which dates back to the Chalcolithic period, circa the 30thcentury, and is known as “Stavrosximo” (in the shape of a cross).
The sculpture represents a woman with her arms spread, used as a fertility symbol.

Width:  2.5cms, Length: 9.5cms, 
Height: 15cms
, Weight: 80gr
Colours – Green / Terracotta / Yellow

Idol / Ειδώλιο
Candle inspirited by ancient idols influenced by Syro-Hittite States, who were a huge influence on the island of Cyprus in the arts and craftmanship.
Cyprus came under Hittite influence in the mid-to-late second millennium BC through a combination of trade and military conquests. The Hittites, a powerful civilization based in Anatolia, absorbed heavy cultural influence and played a role in transmitting Ancient Near Eastern culture to the Bronze Age Greeks.

Width: 3cms, Length: 7cms
, Height: 18.5cms, Weight: 95g
Colours – Terracotta / Blue / Yellow

Zoomorphic of a badger / Ζωόμορφο ασβού
Candle inspirited by the ancient idol found on the island of Cyprus “Zoomorphic of a badger”.

Width: 4cms, Length: 10cms
Height: 11cms, Weight: 70g
Colours – Yellow

Zoomorphic of a dear / Ζωόμορφο ελαφιού
Candle inspirited by the ancient idol found on the island of Cyprus “Zoomorphic of a dear”.

Width: 10cms, Length: 5cms
, Height: 10cms
, Weight: 63g
Colours – Yellow


All items are handmade and produced on the island of Cyprus.
Beeswax is a natural product therefore the color might differ from the photograph.


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