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Let us take the chance to introduce you to Kyra Sarakosti candle! Also known as Lady Lent, a traditional figure embodying the journey of fasting leading up to Easter.

Her name “Sarakosti” derives from the Greek word “forty” symbolizing the forty days of fasting. Kyra Sarakosti is often depicted as a paper doll or bread with seven legs, each representing a week of Lent. As the weeks progress, one leg is cut off each Sunday to mark the passage of time.

With this candle you can light a leg every week!

100% natural beeswax scented with essential oils of glove, orange and cinnamon.

Wax type: Beeswax
Width: 14 centimeters
Height: 17.5 centimeters
Weight: 115gr

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All candles are handmade and produced on the island of Cyprus.
Beeswax is a natural product therefore the color might differ from the photograph.

Xroniko concept store is a project focusing on the archaeological and traditional treasure on the island of Cyprus and Greece.

Additional information

Weight657 kg
Dimensions8 × 10.5 × 18 cm





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