Summertime Greek Mug


Summer figures and characteristic elements of the greek vacation settings, combine the minimal graphic shapes and typography with the fun and colorful aesthetics that truly reflect the summer.

A fine porcelain printed mug that will add a touch of greek summer mood and colour to your everyday rituals.

Take your pick or create your own set of mugs, with your favourite figures.

Microwave & Dishwasher safe.
One piece. Comes in a cardboard packaging

Color: White
Height: 11 cm
Volume: 410ml

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Future Perfect is…
Inspired by the Greek heritage
and Mediterranean summer life and scenery.
Absorbing wisdom under the sun
 and next to the sea.
Spreading the colors of joy
Enjoying every minute of the journey.

In summer we trust! We bring on memories of places, journeys, colors, textures, smells and sounds and we capture them in new designs, some graphical, richer in detail, some minimal and abstract.

Additional information

Weight0.400 kg
Dimensions11 × 11 × 11 cm

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A Future Perfect

A Future Perfect is a concept brand founded in 2013 by two architects in Athens, Greece. Its products range from homeware, stationery, decorative items as well as personal accessories and jewellery. They use various materials such as concrete, porcelain, brass and techniques to make products inspired by architecture, the city, graphic art but also the Greek summer and travelling. The inspiration comes from the Mediterranean summer, the colours, the textures, the characters and the “sceneries” that one can find in the Greek islands. Many elements and forms are also drawn from antiquity, viewed and translated through a graphic and sculptural language, which is sometimes minimal, rich or pop. Always aiming in creating timeless objects which even though can be considered as souvenirs, they all can function and stand in any given space.


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