Socks with humour



Very soft, high quality socks, 100% designed and produced in Greece by ODE.
One size EU:37-44, US:6-10 UNISEX
80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane
Washing at 30°. No iron.

– 90’s viewmaster
– I know a place
– I know that place too
– Ksematiasma emergency
– Stay home gang
– Tomato

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ODE is a small brand from Athens, Greece.

Their main material is high quality Greek cotton and every piece of the collection has it’s own story. Their heroes are symbolic characters that express ecumenical, global meanings and ideas about life, love and humanity.
Their values are to create high quality products, to be fair with every person has an input in the making of “Ode to Socks” items, to always be working towards a positive environmental impact and at the end, to give you back all the love we take.
Ode to socks.
Ode to all these small things that are pretty enough to make us happy.
(Like a pair of socks.)



90’s viewmaster
This pair of socks has been designed in collaboration with the awesome illustrator LITTLE MISS GRUMPY! (Now tell me you were born in the 90’s without telling me you were born in the 90’s)

I know a place
“Μη ξεχνάς εκείνον που από κάπου σε έβλεπε με τα μάτια του, με τα βρεγμένα του μάτια, που βλέπουν τον κόσμο όπως τον θέλει, που βλέπουν τους ανθρώπους όπως είναι. Μη ξεχνάς EKEINO TO ΜΕΡΟΣ. Μη ξεχνάς.

I know that place too
I know it. you know it. we all know that place … and it’s a happy place!

Ksematiasma emergency
ONLY WHEN YOUR YIAYIA IS UNAVAILABLE! you just have to pee after and you’re done! 🙂

Stay home gang
This pair of socks has been designed in collaboration with THINK PIG! This pair of socks has also been produced to keep your feet warm, while staying fun and extra.


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Weight0.050 kg
Dimensions15 × 6 × 2 cm

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