Smash Patriarchy | fabric bracelet



Actions are definitely louder than words! But words can act as alert messages, reminding us that patriarchy is toxic and exhausting for all human beings! And that together… “We can Do It!”

Unique, handmade and hand stitched jewellery with vintage stones, embroidered details, metallic charms and symbols make up B612’s Smash Patriarchy collection.

Fabric bracelet button Smash Patriarchy in blue, black, gold and red colour cord. All studs and clasps are gold-plated steel.

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Smash Patriarchy! We Can Do It!

Mando Mavrogenous (the Greek heroen of the 1821 Greek Revolution) takes the place of the worker in the famous American feminist poster of 1943 and promotes her position as a symbol of feminism, urging us to Smash Patriarchy and reminding us all that, We Can Do It!

B612 creations are combinations of concepts, notions and words, that can stand the test of time and cause intense feelings to whomever wears them. They communicate their messages through symbols and accessories, while raising issues that concern modern Greece, in their own way.


Additional information

Weight0.050 kg
Dimensions1 × 5 × 5 cm
Cord Colour

Black, Blue, Red, Gold



Humans were adorned with jewellery first; they wore clothes later. For us, unique items of jewellery are archetypical utilitarian objects that communicate meaning through symbols. We accept no compromise in our choice of materials. We create combinations of words, images and colours that withstand the passage of time; they can generate emotion and become inseparable from the wearer.


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