Sea Dry Stack / Lesvos island


Metallic magnets that shape the outline of the island of Lesvos
By Costas Bissas!

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Research on the island of Lesvos revealed the broadness of forms of the landscape and people’s activities. The ancient dry stack of Lesvos depicts this variety: unique carved stones sit on a custom spot in the structure and seem irregular on their own. However, as a group they create a peculiar sense of harmony and an irregular pattern, functioning both on an engineering and aesthetic level.
These observations were the insights to design the Sea Dry Stack magnets, a set of five magnets uniquely shaped to outline the island of Lesvos once properly arranged.
Material: metal & magnet

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Costas Bissas

Costas Bissas – Industrial designer / Mechanical engineer Costas is a design consultant based in Greece. His research interests lie between design, technology, wellbeing and culture, focusing on the use of design as a creative tool for the development of innovative products and services. He has collaborated with international organisations such as DeBalie in Amsterdam, FutureEverything in Liverpool, the Barbican Centre in London and the SENSEable city Laboratory of MIT in Boston. His work has been acclaimed by the European Innovative Games Award, the Greek Graphic Design & Communication Awards (EBGE), Mikser Festival of Creativity & Innovation and Athens Startup Weekend Sustainability. In 2010 he relocated to Athens from the Scottish Highlands where he was a researcher, developing experiences, prototypes and products that explored the use of new media technology for the benefit of rural and remote areas. In all his efforts while living for 2.5 years next to the Loch Ness, he never managed to locate the monster.
Costas Bissas


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