Pepin _ George plant kit



The self-watering pot for your kitchen with soil and 3 seed packets, ideal for growing sprouts, herbs, and mini vegetables.

George comes with a complete ready-to-cultivate kit:
3 organic seed packets (bast, coriander, chives)
Additive-free natural soil
A user guide with recipes

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Natural water diffusers for eco-friendly and effortless watering, George finely tunes the release of water in harmony with each plant’s specific needs. Drawing on ancestral techniques, it ensures precise and targeted hydration at the root level though the natural porosity of clay.

Delivered in individual box, including how-to-use informations and a thank-you card.

Additional information

Weight1.0 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 10 cm

grained white, mustard, terracotta




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