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Poppy flowers symbolize rebirth and resilience, remembrance, kindness and purity. They have symbolized many things throughout history, including sleep, peace and rebirth. In Greek mythology, poppies were the sacred symbols of different goddesses and characters, such as Demeter, Hypnos, Nix and Thanatos.
Poppy flowers are weeds and they grow anywhere, even in fields out in the wild.

In the warm colour of red and brown bud paper, this beautiful unique papavero paper bouqete is 100% handmade and sustainable made from recyclable paper sources, vinyl eco-adhesive and high strength wire.  A perfect, long lasting gift for you or your beloved ones.

The bouquet consists of 5 red and 5 red with brown bud paper flowers.

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What is Signature Project:
Signature Project is the creative nest of Velia Calevi, an architect and art manager from Rome now living in Athens, with an eternal love for paper and scrapbooking. Forms, colors and attention to detail are main components of her creations whether these are flowers, notebooks or any kind of paper story.

Signature Project’s Paper Flowers keep growing, and offer many different designs, in a variety of sizes and a plethora of color palettes.

Signature Project creates a real paper art design collection while insists in creative recycling for a better world. On the contrary of real flowers, you need to avoid direct sunlight, keep away from water and humidity. No risk of allergies!!

The fact that all paper flowers are handmade, if not in stock please allow for a 10 day notice before ready for delivery

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Weight0.500 kg
Dimensions40 × 30 × 30 cm

set of 5, set of 10 (9+1 free)


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