Melicera beeswax scented candle



Beeswax & soy scented candle blend handmade in Greece.
The candle is accompanied by a paper tube (hatbox) bearing our signature.

Vessel volume: 200gr
Burning hours ∽50hr
Cotton wick

Sleepless In Paris
This scent will make you become a real ¨flâneur¨. Romantic, warm & full of secrets,just luxuriate in a scent which notes remind you of the eternal city.. Paris!

Pink Pepper
A spicy and seductive scent. Spices, jasmine, patchouli and guaiacwood will take you mentally to the east where charm and allure are second nature. 100% Beeswax & soy scented candle blend.

Mazzo di fiori
This candle scent challenges you to close your eyes and travel to your most beautiful summers. Sweet and charming like the freshness of a freshly cut flowers bouquet.
With white musk, bezoin sumatra and caramel as base notes

Wild Fig
The smell of the fresh wet soil after the rain, combined with the green smell of the first unripe figs, will make you feel united with nature. Earthly and green!
With fig leaves, green and unripe figs, citrus fruits (lemon, pomelo) and fig, cedar, discreet notes of coconut milk, tonka bean as base notes.

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meliCERA’s profile:
 – meliCERA embraces nomadic beekeeping, considering it the healthiest and most abundant form of beekeeping.
Employing traditional methods, meliCERA produces and collects honey, pollen, and royal jelly, demonstrating a commitment to nature and human well-being.
 – The processing and packaging of meliCERA’s honey occur in their certified workshop, adhering to the food safety standard ISO 22000/2018 with the code 11487.
– The jars exclusively contain the authentic taste of bees, gathered from the hives without additional processing. The honey undergoes gentle filtration to preserve its valuable nutritional substances.
 – Honey varieties arrive in small batches annually, showcasing seasonal and yearly variations, making each meliCERA honey jar distinctly unique.
 – meliCERA’s identity is shaped by nature, and all products are a testament to the rich flora of Greece.
 – The meliCERA candles are meticulously handmade, utilizing a blend of 100% pure beeswax from their hives and natural soy. Environmentally friendly materials are used, without paraffin, and fragrance oils comply with the European regulation EU REACH. Safety Data Sheets accompany the candles.
 – The honey and candles workshop holds certification according to ISO 9001/2015 standards.

Additional information

Weight0.500 kg
Dimensions8 × 8 × 12 cm

Sleepless in Paris, Pink Pepper, Wild Fig, Mazzo di Fiori




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