M2P Pithos | fabric vase for 1.5 liter plastic bottle



Fabric cases turn your plastic bottle into a vase. Their forms are inspired by the shapes of ancient Greek ceramic vessels. The collection consists of six shapes in two different sizes – 3 small sizes and 3 large sizes.

Pithos available in the motif of Thrace and in the colours of Black–Grey, Black–Blue and Black–Salmon and Cyclades in Blue.

Screen printed by hand with certified water-based, eco-friendly colors.
Printed on 100% Greek cotton fabrics. Black thread embroidery.

Height: 37.5 cm Width: 35 cm

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relocating the motif
transforming the everyday

The motives imprinted are inspired from Thrace – and particularly from the traditional Tsevres. A type of embroidery featuring colourful floral motifs created by women of Eastern Thrace and Asia Minor and used for decoration, frequently offered up as wedding presents. And from Cyclades – a pattern based on embroideries and other shapes to be found in ceramics of the Aegean.

Each vase comes with a unique composition of patterns. Screen printed by hand, a “slow” procedure that confers unique texture and feel. Printed on 100% Greek cotton fabrics, using certified water-based, eco-friendly colors.

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Weight0.300 kg
Dimensions0.5 × 37.5 × 35 cm

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