Heliades – the greek mementos


Heliades are Greek mementos, photographs taken by the Greek sun on pieces of Greek Marble.

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Heliades were the children of the Sun. They are also Greek mementos, photographs taken by the Greek sun, allowing memories of Greece to be fixed (as they would be on photographic paper) on pieces of Greek Marble.

These marble blueprints are created using a photographic printing process. A photosensitive solution is applied to the surface of the marble, making it sensitive to the ultraviolet light of the sun. The blue colour is the result of the sun reacting to the photosensitive surface of the marble.

Heliades are created on thin tiles of Greek marble and they can be either hunged from a wall or be placed on a surface as a picture frame.

Materials: Greek Marble

Characteristics: Wall Mounted

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Weight0.300 kg
Dimensions11 × 11 cm


Dimosthenis Serketzis

Dimosthenis Serketzis is a designer based in Athens, Greece. He is interested in exploring new materials and identifying the key elements that allow emotional bonding between an object and a person. He studied Marketing and Promotion in Athens, and in 2013, he completed a two year postgraduate course in Product Design at the Edinburgh College of Art. Dimosthenis is interested in understanding the role of design in our society and how it affects our well-being.


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