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Handcrafted sketchbook, for your drawings and notes, printed entirely with antique equipment. Retro design & easy to carry, with a hard back cover.

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Μπλοκ Ζωγραφικής (Block Zografikis), meaning Sketchbook! A unique 20 sheet sketchbook, 100% handmade and handprinted with antique equipment, for your drawings. Easy to place it in your bag or backpack, with a hard back cover.

The person behind “Neanikon” is Aris Sotiriou. He lives in the center of Athens, but imagines the city as a little village, and he is inspired every single day by the cultural diversity and the architecture of the old buildings in Athens.

Made of light blue stockpaper, off-white paper and oil based inks

21 x 13.5 cm
20 sheets (40 blank pages)



Neanikon is a micro brand that was born as a part of the blog neanikon.gr. It includes handmade paper items such as notebooks, greeting cards, notepads, ornaments and souvenirs, handcrafted and printed entirely with antique equipement. The style is mostly nostalgic, influenced by the romantic Greek era between 20s and 60s. However it is always channeled through today’s filters to arrive at its final image painted with enough youthful mood.

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