Terracotta Cup


A unique ceramic mug, that combines the greek palette with a contemporary design, for you to enjoy a hot or cold beverage by yourself or with friends. Great idea for a special homeware gift!

Designed and produced in Greece
All ceramics are made from the traditional low-temperature terracotta clay 1000 degrees Celsius.
Containts one piece.

Colors: Blue-white-terracotta.
Suitable for domestic use

7 cm diameter

Weight or size may differ from one item to the other, since all plant pots are handmade.

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A ceramic mug from Myrto Lykopoulou’s new collection Terracotta, that combines the traditional colors of Greek ceramics (white, blue and terracotta) with modern forms. The parallel successive lines remind us of the architecture of the Greek natural landscape as seen from above, where the mountains and slopes form their own scenarios.

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Myrto Lykopoulou

My ceramics have come alive via the marriage of the old and new. My inspiration is the connection of traditional and contemporary everyday style. The colours and the forms find a place in all different environments. The lace has a special connection with our grandparent’s generation where small doilies were placed on every flat surface in their house. Beautiful designs that could become overwhelming, found the perfect translation on clay. On items that can be used every day or become a centerpiece on a table. The terracotta collection is inspired by traditional Greek ceramics. Terracotta white and blue, colours seen in most traditional Greek potteries. The repetitive lines create a motive that is inspired by fields seen from above. A geometric recreation of the lines of plantations on Greek islands and slopes in the mainland. When working I mostly hand built my work out of slabs formed in molds and make some pieces on the wheel. I fire in low and middle temperatures and decorate with slips, stains and glazes.


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