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Old-school style canvas pillowcase, in blue and white stripes. A mermaid and tiny anchors, clear lines for old school design lovers. A unique design idea for a gift, or for your own space.

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A blue & white pillowcase by B612. Canvas pillowcase and a design with a sarcastic approach, in a piece that can give a fresh look to any room.

The mermaid, a mythical female figure that is half fish and half human, has characterized Greek “philosophy” and “culture” since the ancient times and continues to exist in orthodox times (Mary the Mermaid). Her dual nature – Water and Air/ Light and Darkness/ Soul and Mind- represent the white goddess Selene and the female nature, as well as the depth of the soul and the female mind.

B612 creations are combinations of words, pictures and colors that can stand the test of time and cause intense feelings to whomever wears them. They communicate
their messages through symbols and accessories, while raising issues that concern modern Greece, in their own way.

Stripy canvas in blue and white

45 x 35 cm

Designed and made in Greece

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Weight0.150 kg
Dimensions45 × 35 cm



Humans were adorned with jewellery first; they wore clothes later. For us, unique items of jewellery are archetypical utilitarian objects that communicate meaning through symbols. We accept no compromise in our choice of materials. We create combinations of words, images and colours that withstand the passage of time; they can generate emotion and become inseparable from the wearer.


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