Beekeeper / Thyme honey & concept wooden case

Brand:Busy Bee


An expert in your kitchen! A collector’s packaging, containing a jar with thyme honey. Exquisite, both in its packaging and taste: a true product of the Greek land.

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A wooden box is transformed into a beekeeper’s head and this, in turn, into an original packaging. And that’s how the Beekeeper is born, a collectible packaging that encloses the thyme honey of the Honey Workshop of Kekkos Brothers.
Graphic forms are modern and strictly geometric, while colors and packaging materials are chosen to emphasize the purity of the product, produced without any processing.

The concept and design of the Beekeper belong to Marriana Kelali, graphic designer and illustrator of Busy Bee, in collaboration with the artist Vivian Emmanouilidou.
“Beekeeper” was presented for the first time in our collection “It’s all oh so souvenir to me!
Designed and crafted in Greece. Awarded from Packaging Of The World.

A unique wooden packaging, painted in acrylic color
250 ml of top-quality thyme honey in a glass jar

An innovative object for your kitchen or a unique gift to everyone you loves graphic design, packaging and pure, natural products.

Additional information

Weight1000 kg
Dimensions15 cm


Busy Bee

Ordinary, out of this world, boring, eccentric, twisted, romantic, and… cotton made. Characters born in illustration and transformed into fabric through an innovative combination of materials. Each one with their own name, carrying their own story and projecting their minimal aesthetics. Busy Bee first introduced them in 2006 and it’s been evolving, transforming and living with them ever since.. They hang out in selected stores and on their Facebook page, and they can also be custom made, depending on the features you want them to possess. A simple briefing or a photo can give shape and form to your own personal plush toy!


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