The Rabbit Knows / ANARCHY IN FAIRYTALES The Book


Once upon a time. What once upon a time?

A collection of sketches from The Rabbit Knows about the fairy tales we were told when we were young, and the fairy tales we are told now as adults.
The book contains of 50 sketches from The Rabbit Knows.
Prefaces by Yannis Kalavrianos & Ingeborg Beugel.

Anarchy in fairy tales.
Did they live happily ever after? And did we? We will say.

Artist: The Rabbit Knows
Production: It’s all, oh so souvenir to me!
Book Design: Iliana Alexandrou
Printing: Kostopoulos Printing House
60 pages
Dimensions: 14.4  x 20.7 cm
Edition 1. 2023. 300 copies.
Book is available in Greek only.

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Once upon a time. What once upon a time?
Stories told to us when we were young to help us fall sleep. Tales told to us by adults so as to keep us awake.
Seven dwarfs and the economy. Cinderella and austerity. The big bad wolf and riot police. Tales we tell ourselves and tales we’ve been told.
Fairy tales imagined! Creatures of our imagination and creatures that conqueror our imagination.
Crayons, computers, scrapbooks, the internet, roller skates and tanks. Homework and military service. They took the lollipops out of our hands and bombed us.
We never grow up, nor do we want to stay young.
In between, and yet, a subtle, silent, tenacious belief in something better. A hidden will to open a crack between the stories we’ve learned, to unfold the stories we want to tell and the dreams we want to live.

Anarchy in fairy tales.
And did they live happily ever after? And did we? We will say.

The Rabbit Knows



The Rabbit Knows is a self-taught cartoonist who creates sketches and artworks with satirical, philosophical and political content. Born, raised and studied in Thessaloniki, Greece, he lived and worked in the Netherlands between 2012 and 2016. Since 2016 he lives permanently in Athens.

He has presented two solo exhibitions, ‘Mice who prefer to fail’ (Utrecht, 2012) and ‘Anarchy in Nostalgia’ (Athens, 2018). In constant collaboration with It’s all, oh so souvenir to me, he has created the collections “Anarchy in Nostalgia” and “Anarchy in Caryatids”, which are available in a number of design stores in Greece.

He has participated three times (2021, 2022 and 2023) in the Dutch anti-fascist calendar “Gutmensch Scheurkalender”, published by Jurgen Maas in Amsterdam. He has collaborated with the National Theatre, sketching for Yannis Kalavrianos’ performance of “Medea by Bost” (July 2022), for the annual conference of the Little National Theatre (September 2022), and creating the series “Anarchy in Shakespeare” (March 2022), exclusively for the National Theatre.

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The Rabbit Knows

The Rabbit Knows is a self-taught cartoonist and sketch artist, who creates unique, imaginative sketches with a political, satirical and philosophical content, challenging the stereotypical views of human society. His clever, black humor, may come across as innocent and childish, in the same way as his sketches, but his sharp tongue and controversial points of view stand out and are, in fact, disarming!


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