Lieon _ Reed Diffuser



A unique perfume room set! Includes a handmade container with a stone texture, made of ecological water-based resin, where its interior is lined with liquid glass. Along with a 250ml glass bottle of herbal, alcohol free, soy-based aroma solvent and black fiber reeds sticks for the best diffusion of the fragrances.

The handmade container has a stone texture and is based on water, making it sustainable and environmentally friendly. It does not contain solvents and is low in volatile organic compounds (VOC’S).

Each set contains a handmade stone-textured container, a glass bottle of 250ml herbal aroma fragnances (chose one of the available aromas in the list below) and a set of black fiber reed sticks. Each piece is produced, rubbed and polished by hand. This means that each of our creations is unique.

250ml container with black fiber reeds sticks. Duration 4-5 months.

Height: 9.5cm
Diameter: 8.5cm

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Each set comes with a 250ml glass bottle of herbal aromas. All fragrances contain an alcohol-free, soy-based herbal solvent, while the black fiber reed sticks are specially designed for the highest diffusion performance of the fragrances. They do not clog, need no turning, while they drain fast and they don’t fade.

Handmade is an expression that draws inspiration from everything around it. Leion handmade designs draw inspiration from saltness, the Greek summer and in combination with clean lines, minimalism, geometry and freshness, unique pieces are born, with a lot of love.


Additional information

Weight0.600 kg
Dimensions8.5 × 8.5 × 9.5 cm

Nordic woods, Pumpkin spice, White musk




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