Pigeon house


Pendant in the shape of a miniature-copy of a traditional Pigeon House, mainly met in the island of Tinos (Cyclades)

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Miniature-copy of a traditional Pigeon House: constructions that are met mainly in Tinos (Cyclades) and are built in open spaces in order to give access to the pigeons to places that are wind protected & have plenty of water. Until today, they consist some of the most important monuments of folk art of the island.

It is believed that the breeding of pigeons was introduced to the island by the Venetians. The oldest pigeon house that can be reported is dated back in 1726 when a catholic priest bequeathed his pigeon house. It seems though that the Venetians brought the pigeons on the island because according to their laws the pigeon houses were a privilege of the feudal lords of the island. Only after 1715 that Turks took possession could the Tinos’ residents -if they owned land-become pigeon house owners. Ultimately the pigeon house became a symbol of supremacy due to ancestry & financial prosperity. Through this procedure the Tinos artists had plenty of space to unfold their artistic brilliance.

sourse: wikipedia

Silver pendant 925, enamelled

Weight: 8,50 grammes

Dimentions: 2,40 x 2,00cms

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Weight50 kg
Dimensions2.4 × 2 cm


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