Five different versions of the marble bust ”Efebos”.

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This idea begins from the film ”Le mépris” where Godard colors a series of ancient greeks busts bringing them to life. I borrowed this theme in order to get a sense of how a foreigner perceives the idea of ”Hellenism” and subsequently to intrude with my own modifications of this marble bust.

Thus I try to bring ”Efebos” into a more contemporary context questioning matters such as: authenticity-morality-industrial process- immortality-death.

This project consists of 5 individual prints on paper of a specific marble bust ”Efebos”.

The prints have been modified with acrylic colours therefore the initial form changes.

The final result includes 5 different characters.


Prints on paper/ Dimension: 42 x 56 cm


Angeliki Tsotsoni

Angeliki Tsotsoni aka Evol Eyes is a street artist modifying realities by utilizing painting, drawing, video & collage. Her favorite toys are synths and dominoes, she’s unpopular with neighbors and she never thinks before speaking, she loves to give monosyllabic answers. She has been exhibited at venues such as Apexart Gallery, Venice Biennale, the Chelsea project, MoCA Taipei and more. Angeliki attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and subsequently attended School of Visual Arts in New York receiving her MA in Visual Arts. She currently lives and works in Greece.

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