New Outlet in Kolonaki! Selected items at B38, in Athens
oh so souvenir b68 7 main

oh so souvenir b68 7 main

You can now find selected items from the “It’s all oh so souvenir to me” collection at B38 in Kolonaki. A special place on Voukourestiou str, created by fashion designers Mirella Manta and Ioli Michalopoulou, with all their unique creations. A space that emphasizes quality and personal contact; like an atelier in a shop!  

At Β38 you will find ceramin collections by Granma’s Ceramics and 3some ceramicsOut of Me and Meet the Cat accessories, together with many more unique items, that have found a home amongst Mirella Manta‘s and Ioli Michalopoulou‘s exceptional clothing, at B38.

Voukourestiou 38, Athens
*the shop will be remained closed from the 10th till the 20th of August

It’s all oh so souvenir to me platform gathers design items from Greek designers and part of our collection is presented ‘physically’ in many concept stores in Athens & Greece in general. You can find all our partners here.

Some photos at B38, by George Fiorakis 

oh so souvenir b68 1 
oh so souvenir b68 11 

oh so souvenir b68 12 

oh so souvenir b68 14 

oh so souvenir b68 13 

oh so souvenir b68 102


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