Lucky Charming … ME! Cause at the end of the day, your lucky charm is YOU!
When chaos, injustice, insecurity, the irrational and the extreme prevail and dominate our daily lives, we have no choice but to focus and insist on our values and ideals! And this is exactly the challenge to this year’s Xmas edition exhibition! An introspection through which we are invited to identify and retrieve that personal characteristic that brings smiles of pleasure and satisfaction, first to ourselves and then to those around us!
A characteristic that takes shape through a series of objects created especially for the exhibition, Lucky Charming Me!
Lucky Charming…. ME, then!
2024, here I come!
Over 30 designers are participating in the exhibition with their own personal charm for 2024!
Opening: Tuesday, December 12th, 2023 from 19.30 at It’s all, oh so souvenir to me! Sina 44, 10672 Athens, Greece
With @LuluVandal on the decks and @BombaySapphire taking care of the drinks with themed surprises!
Duration of the exhibition until 21/12/23!

Participants in the exhibition in alphabetical order: Β612, Iliana Alexandrou, Costas Bissas, Natasha Chatziangeli, Cherry Muse, Dr. Orange, Efara Itis, Etsi Ki allios, Euangelia, Hartovasileion, Ink Job, Melio Jewels, Myrto Lykopoulou, Meet the Cat, Porfyria Moschopoulou, Hliana Natsou, Nuuna Notebooks, Octagon Design, Out of M.E., Korina Roumelioti, Signature Project, Taboo Athens, The Rabbit Knows, The Three Dots, Urulu Studio, Christos Vlioras, Xronikon, and others.


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