Lilly’s Papillon

Marilou Prokopiou lives in Thessaloniki, where she also grew up. She is a designer and a maker of LILLY’S PAPILLON, the handcrafted silver and gold jewellery inspired by nature.
Her trademark and inspiration: Butterflies. Butterflies are nature’s most beautiful creatures, with the absolute symmetry of their shapes and the banquet of their colours. The butterflies she creates are in 3-D shape, made by bronze and silver with semi-precious stones and garnets. She combines the materials, constantly experimenting with the details, persisting with the materials which try to resist her, the colours that tricks her as she tries to capture their elusive mobility.

She already works with several museums and galleries like B & M Theocharakis Foundation, the Μuseum of Greek Folk Art, shops and art spaces in Athens and Northern Greece. You can also find her jewelry in shops in Spetses, Kefalonia, Hedra, Crete, Patmos, Paros and Limnos.

Marilou Prokopiou is a Greek jewellery designer who lives and works in Thessaloniki. She is also the designer behind the handmade brand of Lilly’s Papillon.


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