We are Lieon! A design studio creating handmade eco lifestyle products and hand poured soy wax candles 

Leion, meaning the sown field just before the harvest.

In our studio in Lemnos we make soy candles and decorative elements based on water resin. We create every object from the beginning, every process is handmade and our materials are 100% ECO friendly.

Each piece is produced, sanded and polished by hand. This means that each one of our creations is special and unique.

The casting of the candle in the container, is done by hand with natural soy wax, 100% BIO. Its cotton wick offers a clean burn without any soot emissions while the fragrances are aromatic oils and virgin essential oils.

Leion, in Lemnos, is what we call the sown field just before the harvest.

And it is this golden colour of summer that characterises the erotic Lemnos, while the combination of salt and thyme fills us with magic.



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