It’s all, oh so souvenir to me! Vol. 2!

is a FACT!

The result has been described as imaginative, brilliant, different, witty, unique. 

The exhibition “It’s all, oh so souvenir to me!” made its debut last summer only to bring under the same umbrella the interpretations of over 60 Greek designers to the question:

What would Greece be if it were a souvenir?

Numerous views, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives appeared around the redefinition of the design and meaning of the traditional Greek souvenir! 

Creators coming from all sectors of design – architects, product designers, photographers, ceramists, visual artists, illustrators, fashion and accessories designers, stylists, branding creators – portrayed a line of objects with different utilitarian value while all design items appeared through a wide range of materials, ideas and concepts, all with a focus on Greece.

This brings us to the beginning of the story of Athens Fragments, the cement coasters from A Future Perfect team that depicts a sculptural relief of the Athens’ center map, inviting the user to reminiscent his most cherished memories of their visit while enjoying their favourite everyday habits. Busy Bee’s wannabe Guardian of the Greek Parliament, known as tsolias, but still a crier for Attica’s traditional taverns. Costas Bissas’ solar souvenir, the leather armband with the inscription “Tanned in Greece” that allows the sun to pass through and tan a solar tattoo on the person enjoying the sun. “Lithi” by Dimosthenis Serketzis, an abstract hourglass, made out of olive oil and sea water that seems to be counting the flow of time until the user’s next holidays. Among the collection one can find the wooden blackboard in the shape of a rustic shoe by Trouve mon Bouton, thegreektie by thegreekbag which portrays parts of different maps of Greece, the 12 slices – symbols – of Greece in the form of magnets by Jazzt Design as well as the three – dimentional wooden Greek amphorae in the role of a door hanger by Meet the Cat.

This coming year the exhibition is growing bigger adding more ideas, more objects to its group. 

Opening Party

On Thursday 5th of June the opening of “It’s all, oh so souvenir to me! Vol.2!” is only a fact! From 20.00 onwards (and up until the 28th of September) Matalou at home space will be showing the new souvenirs of over 70 Greek designers while on that evening, Ipitou street will be hosting the live musical interventions of a very special rempetiko group which will be followed by the dj set of Stathis Mitropoulos, dedicated to the Greek summer… 

In other words, the pedestrian will be filled with Greek scents, flavors, memories. An atmosphere that will be reinforced by the high quality variety of wines coming from the small winery, Mylonas ( 

Designers participating: 157+173 designers, A Future Perfect, , B612, Akira Mushi, Costas Bissas, Blanc, Χρίστος Βλιώρας, Bomba Design, Busy Bee, Brokequeens, Eirini Deligiorgi, Dig Athens, Nike Dimopoulou, Dr. Orange, Draw Collective, Evol Eyes by Aggeliki Tsotsoni, Halleluiah, Constantinos Hoursoglou, IDISTI, Jazzt Design, Lina Karanicolaou, Ioannis Karlopoulos, Koukoutsi, Olympia Krasagaki, Ladi Biosas, Sofia Lampropoulou, Ioannis Mamoutzis, Mirella Manta, Matalou at home, Meet the Cat, Mirka’s Quilt, OM* in a box, Occhi Concept Store, Liana Papalexi, Parisis Panou, Alexandros Papadopoulos, PloosDesign, Point Supreme and Sathis Kefalouros from Omada Blanco, Postfolk, psarokokalo creative studio – la.trap, Rdesign by Ritsa Anastasiadou, REDO by Maria Mavroudi, Ioannis Samelis, Dimosthenis Serketzis, Zahos Stathopoulos, SKOUMOKY, Kallirroy Spiridonos, Takis Spryropoulos, Sugar Line Productions, Vasiliki Syrma, THEIA, Tind, thegreekbag by K. Rotsou, The Greek Imp, The Three Dots, Trouve mon Βouton, Sophia and Dimitra Vamiali, We Design, Which cat, Minos Zarifopoulos Argyri Zelka and many more.

We support the movement of Wise Greece

The exhibition It’s all, oh so souvenir to me! Vol.2! supports the movement of Wise Greece ( A non-profit organization that promotes top quality Greek products, through the sales of which manages to raise money and buy food for those in need. 

During the opening party Wise Greece will set up its own counter so as to sell delicious goodies from all around Greece. Olive oil from well-known Greek regions, spices and herbs, sweets and jams made with traditional recipes, vinegar, honey and even organic chocolates, allowing for consumers, through its products’ sales to help the non – profit organization Anasa Zois ( 

A movement that will be reinforced by the sales of the exhibition since for that day “It’s all, oh so souvenir to me! Vol.2!” will also be giving part of its profit to the non-profit organization “Anasa Zois”. 

It’s all, oh so souvenir to me! Vol. 2!

5th of June – 28th of September, 2014

Matalou at home – Ipitou 5 & Voulis 40, Syntagma

Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Thursday – Friday: 12.00 – 16.00 & 17.30 – 21.00

Wednesday: 17.00 – 21.00 

Saturday: 12.00 – 16.00 

Sunday: 18.00 – 21.00 (only during the months of June, July and September) Monday: closed

For more info: / / T.: 211.1845416 & 6942014975 (Anna Polydorou)

Sponsored by Mylonas Winery ( and My Physis (

Media Sponsors: BHMAGAZINO / Living Postcards ( /

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