Opening: Thursday 30th of March, 19.30 – 23.00
Duration: 30/03 – 13/04
@ It’s all, oh so Souvenir to me / Sina 44, 10672 Athens

Forms, shapes, volumes and shadows make up the first solo exhibition of Myrto Lycopoulou.

Lykopoulou focuses on human interactions. “The pieces I present in the exhibition have been inside me for a long time now. They deal with the interactions we have with others. The difficulty of communication during the coronavirus made me feel that I had to relearn how to be with others. These pieces seem to interact with each other showing me a new language of communication. Some seem to dance, others seem to touch, some are laughing, some are gossiping, shouting or arguing. Some stand stoically or seem to be imposing while others are quiet or even shy. All of them, however, seem to have a mouth and a body that has something to say,” she explains.

The works on display are characterised by large forms and earthy colours, with the clay fired at high temperatures so as to create interesting textures and colours. “I wanted the forms to speak for themselves, so I didn’t add a lot of colour,” she adds. “The only addition is a volcanic glaze and only to some pieces, which adds another interesting texture. I coated all the pieces with beeswax, which makes the colours look warm and vibrant”.

At a very young age, she found herself in a ceramics workshop in Crete, where she fell in love with clay. With its smell, texture and its endless possibilities. During her studies in England, she immersed herself in techniques. On her return to Greece, she studied wheel throwing and glazing techniques. She has been teaching ceramics since 2008 and has her own workshop for the past last four years. She has participated in various group exhibitions in Greece and England. Since 2015 she collaborates with It’s all, oh so souvenir to me.


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