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This Mountain tea has been grown with love by RIZES at the foothills of Mount Olympus and it was watered, sprouted, blossomed and harvested in the most natural way.
At the hands of rhoeco, it received the necessary care and process so as to secure its fine and unique quality with contemporary means.

Flavour full of strong memories.

25g — Serves 35 cups

Mountain tea
Mountain tea is a chilly morning at the village with your family around the fireplace.
100% certified organic mountain tea

Mountain tea & Pennyroyal
Pennyroyal is the summer sun that burns the rocks, shimmers on the transparent pedestals and dries our swimsuits on the wires.
Ingredients: 100% certified organic mountain tea, with pennyroyal flowers.

Mountain tea & lemon verbena
Lemon Verbena is the hot evening in the garden with the blossomed lemon trees and the white wrought iron patio furniture.
Ingredients: 100% certified organic mountain tea, with lemon verbena leaves

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Brewing Instructions
The ideal way to prepare your tisane is the infusion.
For 1 cup put 1-2g [approx. 1 tsp] of the blend into a utensil.
Add hot water [95ºC], cover it with a lid and let it rest for 8-10′. Strain and serve.

For a more intense flavour and taste, we suggest that you prepare it with the traditional brewing method: Put the indicated portion of herbs in a small cooking pot and boil it for approximately 5′. Let it rest for 3′ before you strain and serve.

– You can add a teaspoon of honey and a slice of lemon.
– Prepare it cold and enjoy a refreshing tisane for the warm months of the year.

Product details
25g | Serves 35 cups.
Comes whole leaf and loose in compostable packaging.
100% natural product. | No added flavours, colours, sweeteners.
Naturally caffeine free.
Origin: Greece
Single estate.
Ethically harvested, processed and packed by hand.

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Βάρος0.200 kg
Διαστάσεις10 × 6 × 12 cm

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