Beach bag


Handmade, one-of-a-kind, oversized tote bag has been designed for ultra-convenient everyday use. Inspired by the Greek islands and complemented with nature’s colorus and holiday vibes.

Stone bag, can be used for all your weekend essentials, as a travel bag, a beach bag, for your everyday city life or as the perfect last minute escape! Easy to carry, easy to use, easy to fold!

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Handmade design, made in Greece from heavy cotton fabric with black and grey lines, waterproof lining and magnetic closure. Dimensions: 45H×60L

SYMI’ bag
Handmade design made in Greece from terracotta cotton linen, waterproof lining and magnetic clasp closure. Dimensions: 45H×60L

Handmade design, made in Greece from heavy cotton blue – grey stripe fabric, with turquoise towel fabric, waterproof lining inside and magnetic closure. Dimensions: 45H×55L

Washable at 30° with mild soap.


Handicraft Workshops creates unique and special pieces for our everyday lives and our homes. Everything they create is useful and practical, but most importantly it is environmentally friendly. They encourage the recycling of materials and use them with different techniques. Some of the fabrics used are made by them from scratch and dyed with natural materials. They also use high quality fabrics of different colour combinations, all of which are shaped by the production methods they use. Born on the sunny island of Cyprus, Emili Charalambous the designer behind Handcraft Workshops designs and manufactures all products. Her inspiration comes from the elements of nature as well as from the shapes, colours, the culture of fabrics and the evolution they have, always with respect and love for nature.

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Βάρος72 kg
Διαστάσεις45 × 60 × 1 cm

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Handicraft Workshops


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