First come, first served / group exhibition 30.11 – 17.12.2017
First come first served

First come first served

T.A.F. / the art foundation is hosting the “First come first served” exhibition from 30.11.17 to 17.12.17, an exhibition centered on the undoubtedly wide spectrum of the process of serving.

Its title is derived from the widespread serving policy that involves customers being served according to arrival priority and it also aims at making indirect comments on this specific policy. 

The exhibition captures designers’, photographers’, product designers’ and artists’ views on the serving process, artistically addressing a custom with many social and cultural extensions, in which everything should be “in its place”.

After all, serving is a process so variable, assuming different characteristics and styles, from wild parties or formal dining, to the solitary enjoyment of a morning cup of coffee in the morning or the consumption of a hasty on-the-go meal. Visit us and explore the obvious, yet slightly overlooked world of serving, in every one of its dimensions.  

Poster First come first 

At the exhibition opening, on Thursday 30th of November, TAF’s bartender Stathis Kolonias will present a mixology/bartending performance. 

On Thursday 14th of December at 19:00, a speech by food editor Harris Tzanis will be held on the topic of “Dish presentation techniques and Art”. 

Participants: Giannis Gkikas, Cream, Olga Evangelidou, Angelos Frentzos, Katerina Kamprani, Giannis Kapellos, Giorgos Karras (om* in a box), Stathis Kolonias, Eva Marathaki, metoo, Luciana Monaco (Projeto Garagem) + 80e8, Kostas Mpisas, Dimosthenis Serketzis, Studiolav, Sustainable Food Movement in Greece (+ Artemis Tsipi, Harris Tzanis & Alexandros Haralambopoulos in cooperation with ΙΕΚ Praxis), 3Some Ceramics, The Three Dots, Zorbas is missing (Vassilis Georgiou, Giannis Karlopoulos) 

Curators: Christina Dilari, Ifigeneia Papamikroulea, Anna Polydorou. 

Exhibition catalogue design: metoo 

Check out the facebook event for more information. \

Opening: Thursday 30th of November 2017, 20:30
Duration: 30.11 – 17.12.2017 

Visiting hours: Mon – Sat 12:00 – 21:00, Sun 12:00 – 19:00. 
Address: Normanou 5, Monastiraki
Free entrance &


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